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  • Overview

    Welcome to the bingo game schedule page. All of today's open bingo rooms are listed below. A review of the upcoming bingo schedules is available by selecting a date on the calendar provided to your right. Choose a bingo room now and join the chat rooms!

  • British Bingo

    Bingo has been a part of British culture for decades. It's the chance to get social!

    British Bingo, or 90-ball bingo, is played on strips consisting of six tickets. Each ticket contains three rows of nine spaces with each row containing five random numbers between 1 and 90 and four blank spaces. The game is played in three stages: one line, two lines, and full house. In the "one line" stage players need to complete a horizontal line across one ticket. The goal of the "two line" stage is to complete any two horizontal lines across one ticket. In the "full house" stage, all numbers (15) must be checked off on one ticket. Prizes are split differently for each stage and will be shared equally among simultaneous winners. The "full house" will always be the largest prize in any one game.

    While playing British Bingo you may encounter call acronyms such as '77 - Snakes alive!' and you will have access to optional chat games.

  • Classic Bingo

    Simple and classic, a single line for bingo will win you the JACKPOT!

    In North American bingo halls the most common game is 75-ball bingo played on 5x5 cards where the center square is often marked as "free". The goal is to be the first player to mark off one line of five squares either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, or by marking off all four corner squares. The letters B-I-N-G-O are marked atop the 5x5 cards with each letter beginning a column of numbers. The "B" column will include five squares that are marked with a number between 1-15. The "I" column will include five squares marked with a number between 16-30, The "N" column will have numbers ranging from 31-45, "G" will have numbers 46-60, and "O" will have 61-75.

  • Speed Bingo

    Speed bingo is fast and furious. You will be a winner in a flash!

    Speed Bingo is the game for players who love their bingo to move at a fast and furious pace. Speed Bingo can make you a winner in a flash, since a ball is called every second!

    Speed Bingo is designed for playing quickly with multiple cards. The game is played with only 30 balls on 3x3 cards. The goal of Speed Bingo is to fill all nine numbers on any one card.

  • Pattern Bingo

    Bored of classic bingo? Then start making the new, fun patterns in Pattern Bingo!

    Pattern Bingo is a variation on the classic bingo game. Rather than using the traditional horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines to establish a winner, the player must complete other patterns such as a "heart", "funny face" or any other unique pattern. Pattern Bingo can be played as one bingo game, or may take more than one round to complete.

  • Variant Bingo

    Not a Brit, nor an American, then go for Variant Bingo!

    British players are accustomed to 90 ball bingo while Americans are familiar with the 75 ball game played on 5x5 cards. Here we offer the U.S. version making it possible to play the full 75 number ticket with three 5x5 cards.

    In Variant Bingo each ticket is made up of three cards of 25 numbers ranging from 1 to 75 in a 5x5 grid. The middle square is sometimes marked as a free space. Variant Bingo offers five prizes during a game. First prize is awarded to the player who marks off five squares in a line either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The next prize is awarded to the first player to complete two horizontal lines. Third prize is for three completed horizontal lines, and so on - with the fifth prize going to the first player to complete a full house by marking all 25 squares on one of the three cards on their ticket.

  • Shutter Board Bingo

    Yes, 75 balls are too few and 90 are too many, play the exciting 80 Ball Bingo

    This exciting version of bingo uses 4x4 cards and offers several game play variations. The "Any Line" game will reward the first player who completes either a horizontal line, vertical line, diagonal line, all four corners, or the four middle squares. The "Line & House" game offers two prizes: the first prize will go to the player completing one vertical line; the second prize is for the player that completes all 16 numbers on a single card. The "Four Line" game offers four prizes that can be won by completing one vertical line, two vertical lines, three vertical lines, or a "Full House". A "Full House" is achieved by getting all 16 numbers on the ticket marked off as soon as possible, and is accompanied by a progressive JACKPOT. Shutter Board Bingo offers lots of variety that is guaranteed to keep you entertained all day long!

  • Chat Games

    You can have fun and win prizes while chatting with your friends within the chat games that our Chat Moderators (CM) present to you.

    The CM will announce how many BingoBucks (BBs) will be awarded for a chat game before it starts. Any player can participate, but only users who have deposited funds in the last 20 days will get the BBs added to their account after winning. In case of any disputes, the moderator will decide at their discretion who the winner is.

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